The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A clean-shaven man with short, dark brown hair drifted lazily through the infinite blackness of space. He looked highly focused and tranquil as he watched the stars pass around him, luminescent white dots in the distance. For some reason, he was alive and breathing, even though he wasn’t wearing an astronaut suit. He was dressed in blue jeans, black runners, and a red pullover sweater. His body was completely vulnerable to the catastrophic effects of the vacuum of space. He should have been dead.

Suddenly, approximately a hundred feet in front of him, a giant, dark green spotted toad appeared out of nowhere. The amphibian was about the size of a small house, and its gigantic dark yellow eyes with black pupils bored deep into his soul.

Without moving his mouth, the toad asked, “What would you like to know?”

At first, it seemed as though the creature was communicating with the man telepathically. Then he noticed that the voice wasn’t emanating from the animal itself. Where was it coming from? Its enveloping nature made him think his mind was being invaded. This thought quickly left his head when he realized the vociferation was inlaid into the entire void.

“What?” questioned the man; an extremely confused tone in his voice.

“What would you like to know?” repeated the toad.

“What would I like to know about what?” The man asked, extremely puzzled.

“You can ask me any one question, and I will tell you the answer. I know the answer to every query you could possibly make.” The amphibian had a deep monotone voice, and spoke without emotion.

“So you know everything?” the man sounded very skeptical and surprised.

“One could logically assume that. Yes.”

“Okay then. Well let me think for a little bit,” he responded.

“Very well. Take as much time as you require,” the massive toad stated with unshakeable patience.

The perplexed and hesitant man floated in space for a minute or so, staring contemplatively into the distance, his eyes glazing over. He was completely locked inside his head, stroking his chin absent-mindedly.

When he finished cogitating, intense focus overtook his demeanour. He remained still, all energy going into his question. “What is the meaning of life?”

“The pursuit of true, lasting happiness and contentment for everyone and everything. ” The toad answered without wavering.

The man felt his body getting forcefully and rapidly pulled away from the toad, and out of space. He felt the intense dynamism of pressure crush him as it dragged him along. The power exerted on him increased exponentially, tugging him faster and faster until he stopped. All he saw was blackness. He was paralyzed, and then he noticed that none of his senses worked. When this disconnected feeling persisted, he started to wonder if he was dead.

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