The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 


“All right,” Brian proclaimed, standing up. “Bill, presumably Marcel just told John what he told me, which is that we passed the test. We don’t take orders from John, and he doesn’t take orders from us. And everything we were told about the kidnapping is true.” 


“This is fucking insane!” Bill exclaimed in exasperation, with a trace of hostility. “But okay, let’s get to work….I guess. Where do we start?” He knew that he shouldn’t question Marcel’s actions and motivations, no matter how illogical and immoral they seemed. 


“Well,” answered John, holstering his Beretta, “Marcel already has people scouring the area within a 50 mile radius for the van used by the abductors. Not surprisingly, it hasn’t been found yet. Those motherfuckers are probably long gone by now. A handful of people saw the van, and remember the direction it was going, but so far, that hasn’t led us anywhere. The licence plate was hard to read because it was filthy, which was probably intentional.” 


He shifted his feet and crossed his arms. Looking at Bill, he said, “The four of us will split up, with you and Brian working together.” 


“Since this situation matters to our boss, it matters to you. That means you do WHATEVER IT TAKES to find this girl. Got it?” He stared condescendingly at the assassins, who both nodded. 


Facing Michael, John said, “Michael, you’re coming with me.” 


“I don’t think so,” he argued. “I can handle myself. I don’t need anyone’s help.” 


“I know you can,” acknowledged John. “I know all about your history. But this isn’t a request. It’s an order, from both your uncle, and your wife,” he smiled.


“Marcel wants you to have all the protection he can muster. Haley doesn’t want you to be involved at all because she knows how fucking dangerous it is, and she knows you enjoy this kind of work. But she also knows how stubborn you are about protecting Natasha; logic leaps out the window,” he said, having heard all of this from Marcel. 


Michael didn’t like being ordered around. But he didn’t want to exacerbate Haley’s pain and worry, so he reluctantly agreed. 


“So follow us back to your car, and we’ll all start searching.” John nodded commandingly to Brian and Bill as he turned around. 

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