Journey to Africa: Part 1: Tanzania: Roots and Shoots

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My friend, David (who I talked with about math and evolution on previous blogs, links are below.) went on a backpacking trip in Africa recently. This is his story of the experience of other cultures.


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This is the third blog in this series. Here are the links for the first  and second ones:


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May 25: Roots and Shoots


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Today we went for our first trip to talk to the Roots and Shoots organization. When we arrived, I did not know what to expect. The place looked like a university and was filled with local young volunteers like ourselves. The Jane Goodall pictures, calm blue walls, and occupied computer rooms gave a sense of professionalism. We were shortly introduced to two lovely volunteers named Irene and Meriam. They explained to us what the organization is all about as we waited for another individual to take us to the classroom where what was in store for tomorrow would be described in further detail.


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The two gentleman there welcomed us with some delicious cinnamon tea to enjoy while we took in the lesson. A short, three minute long inspirational video about Jane Goodall’s work showed on Youtube on the computer screen. It was somewhat comical that their search history, while searching for “Jane”, showed “Jack Bauer’s greatest moments.”


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After the session, we hung out with and asked questions to some of the other young volunteers we would be working with. They included Jackson, a computer engineering student who had an exam the next day.


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…To Be Continued…

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