The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 


Brian and Bill set off on their assignment, ready to do anything to get the information they wanted. They were a long way away from the city. The men discovered this as Brian turned on Bill’s dashboard GPS. 


“We’re in the fuckin’ middle of nowhere. The city is two hours away,” the huge killer told his partner, discouraged. “I guess it makes sense that Marcel has a place like that this far out though.” 


“True,” Bill agreed, his eyes fixated on the darkened roadway. “Where are we going first?” 


Brian looked at the list that they had been given. “I’ll type these addresses into the GPS, and find out which one is closest,” he replied while starting the process. 


As his partner did this, Bill suggested, “We should grab something to eat in the car while we’re driving around town too. We haven’t eaten anything for a long time, and I’ll be even more starving by the time we get to the city. Are you as hungry as I am right now?” 


“I definitely am,” Brian responded distractedly, focused on the GPS. “We might even be able to grab something to go from Ricki’s if you want to.” 


“Awesome,” Bill said with a smile forming on his face, enjoying the sound of that suggestion. 


“Cool,” the occupied man replied, glancing back at the sheet of paper before adding, “So it looks like the first place we should go is in Sprig Way. I’ll number all of them so we can start with the closest one, and end up at the farthest-away place. We can probably go to Ricki’s after the first or second target, since it’s around there.” 


“Sounds good to me,” agreed Bill. 


The assassins headed toward their destination. 



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