The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 



“Hey babe,” Michael spoke into his cell phone as he walked through Blockbuster. John was in front of him, and Steve trailed behind them. 



“Hi honey,” Haley responded, detecting the seriousness in his voice. Her own was inquisitive. 



“So I found out where Natasha is supposedly being kept,” he told her, violent intent leaking into his speech. 



“Awesome!” she loudly exclaimed. “But why only supposedly?” she asked, mellowing as she registered the word. 



Michael maintained his stern tone as he stepped out of the building. “Well it’s most likely where she is,” he explained, pushing open the door. “It was difficult to get this information, so it’s probably legit.” 



The three criminals nonchalantly walked across the parking lot.  



“But there’s a chance that this is a setup, or they might know we’re coming.” 



“Why?” Haley asked, puzzled. 



“They’re holding her in a big warehouse out on I-95,” he answered. “The location makes sense, I’m just suspicious about the building.” He got into the Cadillac Escalade. “If they’re only holding Natasha there, an entire warehouse isn’t exactly necessary.” 



“Plus, someone you talked to could tell them you’re coming,” she added, following his thought process. 



“Exactly,” he agreed, glad that he didn’t have to explain every detail. “And don’t worry, I’ll be careful,” he assured her. “We’re gonna have a ton of other guys there too. They’re about to call in a bunch of the people looking for Natasha.” 



John quickly sent a text message before starting the Cadillac and peeling out of the parking lot. 



“You fucking better be careful, honey,” Haley half-jokingly scolded Michael. 



“I will,” he agreed encouragingly. 



“You should know this too,” she said with hesitation. 



Michael became more alert. 



“Some men just attacked our house. I was just about to call you before you called me.” She spoke with sombre inflections. 



“Holy shit! Are you okay?” he yelled, his attitude shifting to alarmed protection. 



Haley tried to satiate his panic. “Don’t worry babe. I’m fine. The thugs that Marcel sent over here before put them down before they could even get close to me.” 



Michael breathed a sigh of relief. “Good,” he said, shock draining from his voice. 



“Yeah,” she agreed, happy that he was calm. “I don’t know what happened exactly. I heard someone trying to open the back door, so I peaked out the window. Two men were trying to pick the lock. So I ran out the front door to the car with the guards, yelling and waving my arms to get their attention.” 



Michael was transfixed as she continued. “They ran out to me, and after I yelled that men were trying to get inside and pointed at the back door, they rushed in as the other two guys opened the back door. The guards started shooting before they even got to the front door.” 



Haley’s account was animated. Her emotions flowed through her speech, showing that she felt justice. “Those bastards were cut down in a barrage of bullets before the back door was even fully open. They never knew what hit them until it was too late.” 



“I’m so glad you’re okay, babe,” admitted Michael. “But that shouldn’t have fucking happened,” he sternly declared. “I’ll talk to Marcel about this. Did the guards figure out who the hit-men were?” 



“Yeah. They said they worked for Rosario Kelly,” she said. “And I already talked to Marcel. The guards looked at the dead guys’ I.D.s and called him to find out who they were. When Marcel got wind of what happened, he called me, and he’s sending four more guys here now.” 



An amalgamation of contemplation and outrage formed on Michael’s face. “Shit! That means that that motherfucker is definitely responsible for Natasha’s kidnapping. I wanna call Marcel and talk to him about this anyway. This might go deeper than I thought, and this could start a fucking gang war.” 



“Actually, he said he’d call you,” Haley revealed. “I bet he’ll call you right away.” 



“Okay, well I better go then,” he said mater-of-factly.  



“I love you babe. You can’t even imagine how glad I am that you’re not hurt.” Michael bid a tender farewell. 



“I love you too babe,” Haley mellifluously replied.  



Her saccharine tone was like a river gently flowing across arid land. The refreshing stream softly caressed everything in its path in a caring, loving fashion.  






“Bye,” he responded, smiling fondly at the sound of her voice. 



After ending his call, he phoned Marcel. 

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