The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 



While the mercenaries had their backs turned, Michael and John slowly slunk out from behind the open door. They stepped in front of the doorway to provide themselves with the best escape route. The clandestine criminals cut down a handful of enemies in a spray of gunfire. They aimed high, going for head shots, and each of them pumped out a few quick rounds. Then both men swivelled, launching into the fastest sprints they could muster. 



At the same moment, Brian and Bill arrived. The black 1970 Chevelle SS pulled into the yard, squeezing into one of the last spots. The hit men cautiously opened their doors. From their arsenal, Brian chose a Berretta Model 59 battle rifle. Bill picked up an AR-15. 



The brunette woman and the man in the green windbreaker traded energized looks as they heard bullets; ready to fight. Feeling the static charge of adrenaline surging through their veins, hair stood up on the backs of their necks. They snapped into action, rushing toward the cacophony. 



As the disruptive din brusquely shattered the sweeping ominous silence, the mercenaries spun around in astonishment. The ones who had been shot flinched before falling to their deaths, hearts stopping before their bodies hit the floor. John and Michael’s precision strike was so effective that by the time the survivors faced them, they were half way down the hallway. Bullets that were fired at them embedded in the walls and floor, missing their bodies by several feet. Fragments of wood exploded behind Michael and John as they reached the end of the hall and turned around a corner, no longer visible to their attackers.           



The sharply dressed long-haired man snapped his head toward the noise when he heard the shots. His dirty blonde mane twirled around as he stopped, his gun swinging to point at the source of commotion. He jumped into a jog, navigating between the vehicles in front of the warehouse with swift alertness. Arriving at the open door, he stepped into the building, scanning the entryway and determining that it was empty. 



Bill and Brian intuitively reacted to the reverberating clamour, training their rifles on the warehouse, and surveying their surroundings. They saw the man in the silver suit, and followed him. 


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