The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 



Sarah turned around to look at Jim. A subtle expression spread across her face. It was difficult to tell what emotions were playing through her eyes. But to him, she looked hungry. She moved silently and smoothly toward him, seeming starved for him. He was confused. Was she coming onto him? He was flattered, but sex was the farthest thing from his mind at that moment.  



“What are you doing?” he asked as she swiftly got within a few inches of his crumpled body. 



Sarah crouched down, straddling him and pressing her body up against him. Looking into his eyes as if she were about to kiss him, she inhaled heavily. It was like she was trying to breathe in his very essence.  



Jim was ecstatic. He had fantasized about this many times, but Sarah had always rejected him when he hit on her. He forgot about his wounds as she brought her lips to his, feeling the heat from her body. 



Right before their lips touched, she exhaled, and he felt a stabbing pain in both of his wounds. He looked down, seeing her sticking a finger in each hole and twisting them around. Her index finger was in the top perforation, with her middle finger plunging deeper into the bottom one. 



A loud gasp flew out of Jim’s mouth as undulating waves of piercing agony shot through him. They cut through him like razor blades, shredding every cell in his body into panic and fear. The sadistic woman wrenched her fingers around and thrust them farther into his injuries, intensifying his torture. His anguish overwhelmed him, his vision getting hazier as he drifted slowly into unconsciousness. 



Sarah rubbed herself up against Jim as she malevolently tormented him, deriving sexual pleasure from his suffering. Blood poured out of his wounds as her fingers dug into them, saturating his white shirt. The sheer magnitude of burning pain was phenomenal. She breathed heavily, achieving ferocious ecstasy. Her eyes bored into his soul. Elated lust combined with predatory focus shone through her pupils. Half of her emotions portrayed sexual pleasure. The laser-edged concentration of a predator, feasting on a helpless animal it had just caught, composed the other half.   



As she got more satisfied by her malicious torture, his crippling agony overwhelmed him. He felt a hostile, enveloping void surreptitiously infecting every fibre of his being. She simultaneously approached complete satiation and bliss. Her breathing intensified as she kneaded her body into his, plunging her fingers into the depths of his seeping wounds. She balanced on a pinnacle that threatened to drop her into hyperventilation.  



The dark mass that crept in at the edges of Jim’s vision haphazardly leaked through his entire consciousness. Spidery black lines from the infestation buzzed and vibrated with ample energy as they sunk in. They shot across his field of view, penetrating his mind. Snaking around his environment, they coaxed him into the embrace of soft, warm darkness. The desire to give in permeated his emotions. If he submitted, all of his desires would be fulfilled, and he would not be denied a single compulsion ever again. After much resistance, he surrendered to the matriarchal force. 



As breath left the injured assassin’s body for one last time in a whisper, Sarah malignantly exhaled. She felt like she gained energy from the dying man’s life force as she breathed out in euphoria. Sarah collapsed against Jim’s dead body, so fulfilled that she could easily plummet into a coma of pleasure. Extracting her fingers from the injuries, she stood up in a trance. She brought her dripping fingers up to her luscious red lips, eagerly lapping the blood off like a child licking a sweet ice cream cone.

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