Journey to Africa: Part 2: Rwanda: An Epic Tale of Laundry and Exploring

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My friend, David (who I talked with about math and evolution on previous blogs, links are below.) went on a backpacking trip in Africa recently. This is his story of the experience of other cultures.


This is the sixth blog in part 2 of this series. Here is the link for the page where the others can be found:


June 10, An Epic Tale of Laundry and Exploring:


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Image result for rwanda marketplaceAfter a long day of climbing Mount Bisoke, we took the rest of the day off. We stayed at the hostel to rest and regain our energy. The rest of the group used the time to explore the marketplace and resupply. I used the time to wash some long-neglected dirty laundry in the morning. It was a sunny Saturday, perfect for drying clothes in the sun. Unfortunately, I accidentally flushed the bar of soap that I was using down the toilet with the dirty bucket water. So I had to use another one that I found.


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Image result for rwandan kids playing in the streetsWhen I was going out to take a walk around town later that afternoon, I ran into Sarah Bell. She was on her way back to the hostel, so we went to explore the back streets of the town. There were a lot of places showing the humble livelihoods of the locals; kids playing in the streets, and young men bathing in the river and washing their clothes. We tried to reach a hill that was in the distance, but we were blocked by the path of the river. But that was okay because we had to make our way back to the hostel before 6pm. We wanted to get dressed up for a fancy dinner that we were going to eat that night anyway.


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