The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 



Sarah stared at Jim’s lifeless body, revelling in her unforgivable act. His eyes were wide with horrified shock, and his arms hung limply at his sides. Before turning to exit the room, she allowed herself a few more seconds to imprint the image in her mind. Turning on her heels, she leisurely stepped into the hallway. She sauntered through the maze of corridors, feeling invincible. Bright light invaded the surrounding blackness as she pushed open a heavy wooden door at the entrance. 



The beautiful killer guided her leather-clad body across the hard ground, her knee-high stiletto high heels crunching on gravel. The burning rays of the sun made her squint. She manoeuvred in between the parked vehicles, taking a nonchalant route to her small black motorcycle. Moving Jim’s corpse was unnecessary. She would let those incompetent, clueless assholes do whatever they wanted to do with the useless sack of meat after they were done playing their pointless games. 



Reaching her motorbike, Sarah stopped to sling her gun across her back, and called Ray. Once she got her target’s location, she sent a text message. Then she put her cell phone back against her left breast and zipped up her tight leather jacket. She put on her black helmet and slowly moved around the cars on her way to the road. As she cleared them, she revved her engine, speeding over grass next to the dirt path. This dug a track into it, shooting up clumps of green and brown. She gripped her handle bars and spun to her right side when she reached the street. Her back tire squealed and skidded the opposite direction as it tracked with her front wheel. Correcting itself, the bike shot down the highway like a rocket.

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