The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 



Sarah rapidly drove her motorcycle down the middle of the expansive, crumbling highway, sporadically snaking in between vehicles. The needle on her speedometer shook viciously as she pushed the bike to the limit. Her engine emitted a high-pitched whine as she over-revved it so she could catch up to the battle.



She raised her head. Her honed vision saw Bill’s car on the horizon, and she made a beeline for it.



Ensuring that no vehicles were in the oncoming lane, Sarah steered her bike into it. As she approached the car, Brian rolled down his window.



“Hey,” he glanced at her while repeatedly directing his eyesight back to the road. Ray looked at her too before his partner spoke.



“So we’re tracking them on Michael’s phone. What happened to Jim? Is he dead?”



“Yeah. His wounds were too severe,” Sarah lied. “He bled out.”


“Whose phone are you using?” she asked, focusing on keeping her motorbike level with the old Chevelle. No one gave much thought to their friend’s death.



Brian answered, “Mine.”



“Could you get Ray to text the coordinates from your phone to his, and pass me your phone? I can’t get to mine right now,” she requested, thinking of a plan for reaching the chaos quickly.


“That way, I can keep going on ahead of you guys.”



A car materialized on the horizon of the oncoming lane. Sarah moved her motorcycle in front of her partners until the vehicle passed. Then she moved back next to Bill’s car.



Once she was close enough, Brian reached out of his open window with his cell phone in his hand. “Here. Ray’s got the coordinates now.”



Sarah approached his outstretched hand, plucking the phone from his loose grasp.  “Thanks,” she said insincerely.



Sounding like a boss who was doling out work assignments, she laid out her plan.



“I’ll go up ahead and try to catch up to them. I’ll let you know if anything significant changes.”



“All right,” Brian agreed, nodding his head along with Ray. “Go ahead.”



The gorgeous psychopath leaned down over her motorcycle, returned it to the lane in front of the Chevelle, and darted down the road into the distance.

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