Journey to Africa: Part 2: Rwanda: Cyuza Island: Day 2

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My friend, David (who I talked with about math and evolution on previous blogs, links are below.) went on a backpacking trip in Africa recently. This is his story of the experience of other cultures.


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June 12, Cyuza Island, Day 2:


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The next morning, I woke up early enough to join the others so we could see the sunrise at the top of the island. We did yoga while we waited. It was Claudia, Stella, Jorde, Brett and me. The view was breathtaking. It looked like a watercolour painting with the layers of overlapping hillsides in their graduating shades of blue.


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I ran up and down the island many times that day, exploring with the others. I also rowed around it again with Lindsey and Kelly, and played with the cows. Later that evening, I went for a swim by the grassy shore with Kyle and Sarusi. It’s a curious thought that the water is known to have parasites, so we had to take anti-parasite pills by the end of the trip.


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After our island adventure, we travelled back to the mainland on a ferry at 4pm. Then we went back to the hostel where we were staying, and got ready for our trip to Akagera that would happen the next morning.


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