The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 



John and his partners got closer to killing the fleeing mercenary. As more bullets hit the man’s car, it got increasingly damaged. This made it sluggish and harder to control. The hit men were almost close enough to launch their final assault. John steered into the opposite lane to pass his enemy, blocking the Jeep’s path. As he inched his steering wheel to the left, a small black motorcycle zoomed past them, barring his approach. It slowed down to keep pace with the frantic mercenary.



The Toyota skidded back to its original lane as the passengers stopped their staccato of bullets. All eyes were on Sarah, who raised her torso up as she got level with the Jeep that was next to her. Adroitly pulling her MP44 assault rifle from across her back, she aimed it at the fleeing mercenary.



As John realized what was about to happen, he steered the Toyota onto the shoulder. He slowed down to put distance between him and the damaged vehicle. Everyone else in the car sat and watched.



Once her aim was true, Sarah launched a lethal burst of metal at the terrified man. He braked suddenly to avoid the slugs, but this had little effect. The ruthless woman was faster. Bullets whizzed in front of his face, a few missing their mark. But the majority of them cut through his neck and face, puncturing deep tracks across his skin. The multiple wounds didn’t cause instant death. They obscured his vision to the point of near-blindness, putting him into a daze. He slumped against the steering wheel and his hands slipped off of it. The horn made a long, resounding honk as his head rested against it. The Jeep veered into the oncoming lane and the motorbike slowed down. Sarah zipped over to the opposite shoulder. She stopped her motorcycle as she watched the vehicle that was ahead of her shoot toward a car in the oncoming lane.

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