The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 51

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Chapter 51



“No thanks, sweetheart,” the man with a shaggy mane of dark hair and a few days of stubble answered.



The tall, athletic woman with flowing blonde hair who sat in the passenger seat asked another question. “Okay,” she said, putting a chocolate chip cookie back into the Chips Ahoy bag. “Did you submit that paper?”



Their child cooed lightly, looking at his mother for attention.



She glanced back at him as her boyfriend responded. “Yeah, of course,” he assured her, lovingly locking gazes with his son in the rear-view mirror.



The driver’s eyes automatically flitted back to the road, expanding in panic. He barely had time to flinch his fingers to his left in a desperate attempt to move the steering wheel. His girlfriend’s face froze in terror as a ravaged Jeep careened toward them.

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