The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 



Ray and Brian closed in on the impending destruction. Both men squinted to view the outcome. They were too far away to notice the details, but they saw Matt’s car moving onto the shoulder. This revealed the heavily marred Jeep. It sputtered and haphazardly plugged along, looking like it would fold in on itself at any moment.  



The ravaged vehicle was like a wounded antelope that had barely escaped the clutches of a ravenous, powerful lion. Adrenaline had forced it into elusive action, allowing the prey to ignore the deep, agonizing wounds from the first attack. As the animal sprinted and leapt along the landscape, its crippling injuries began to take hold. It slowed and wobbled, blood loss gradually outweighing the desire to survive. The salivating, malevolent predator approached its weakened victim for one final, fatal strike. 



Sarah’s motorbike sped alongside the Jeep. As the men in Bill’s car neared the parked Toyota, they watched her unsling her rifle from her back. The assassins in John’s vehicle gestured to their partners as they passed them, pointing them toward the shoulder. Ray and Brian understood the reason behind this when they saw the ruthless woman level her gun at the fleeing man who was next to her. She fired, and the Jeep slowed down, lazily drifting into her lane.  



The Chevelle turned onto the shoulder while a prolonged horn blast from the out of control vehicle permeated the surroundings. It careened across the centre-line of the highway. Another car was in the oncoming lane, and it had to wildly swerve to avoid cataclysm. While the Jeep flew toward the opposite edge of the road, the driver of the threatened minivan veered to his left with all the force and speed that he could muster. His reaction time wasn’t good enough. The eyes of his girlfriend and child widened in terror along with his own. Time slowed down as they drew inexorably closer to the collision. 

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