The Cold Darkness of the Night: Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 






An all-encompassing percussive burst of energy exploded from the vehicles crashing into each other. Metal slammed against metal so aggressively that the sections that impacted were obliterated. The fronts of the Jeep and minivan collided, crumpling their entire hoods. Both cars slipped and scraped across each other, sparks flying chaotically in all directions. The passengers’ heads snapped forward after the first hit.  



The Jeep flipped onto two wheels as it skidded across the minivan’s windows. It crushed and shattered them, and made the frame collapse. Once the front tire on the passenger side reached the back of the roof on the innocent family’s vehicle, the shredded tire overturned it. The Jeep spun sideways in a frenzy, flying off of the oncoming lane. It wildly flipped through the air, bouncing off of the hard ground with a thunderous crash. The mercenary’s Jeep overturned another handful of times before coming to a rest. Fragments of glass, plastic, fiberglass, and metal shot in all directions, with the vehicle continuing its path of destruction. Its motion ended as it landed on the roof, swaying heavily to each side before stopping. After the dust settled, there was no movement from within. The mercenary was either dead or unconscious. 



While the frightened criminal’s car trampled across the minivan’s windows, the crushing weight forced it in the opposite direction. The van was pushed onto the wheels on the driver’s side, with the other two of them leaving the road. They shot up much further after the Jeep ended its connection. The mercenary’s vehicle shoved the top of the minivan closer to the opposite side of the road. It rocked in that direction, balancing on two tires before slowly rolling onto the roof and into the oncoming lane. 



All three vehicles on the shoulder headed toward the carnage. Brian stopped Bill’s Chevelle in front of the upturned van that lay in the middle of the lane. John circled around to the opposite side, providing protection for the unintended victims. Sarah drove her motorcycle to the demolished Jeep and stepped onto the dirt. Her stiletto high heel boots crunched on gravel as she nonchalantly glided toward the beat-up vehicle. 



The passengers of the Chevelle and the Toyota exited their cars and examined the people inside the desecrated minivan. Only the woman was conscious. The man and the child had blacked out, or were already dead. All three of them were battered, bloody and hanging upside down in their seats, restrained by their seat belts. 



Sarah knelt down to see the man inside the Jeep. He was horribly mutilated, but still barely coherent. As she made eye contact with him, his pupils dilated in abject horror. 



John carefully pulled the minivan driver out of the wreckage. The father remained unresponsive as he was set against the side of his obliterated vehicle. Bill freed the shocked woman from her seat, who glanced at him skeptically before accepting help. She slipped into a catatonic state as she rested against the overturned van. Michael removed the child from the ruins. He gingerly unbuckled the small girl’s car seat, and cradled her in his arms as if she were his own daughter. Pulling her out of the wreck, he checked her heart rate. 

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