Was the Idea of Santa Claus Inspired by Psychedelics?

There are a lot of crackpot theories out of there, and this might be one of them. But regardless of how true it is, it’s fascinating to think about the possibility that the idea of Santa Claus was inspired by psychedelics. This theory is apparently associated with Gnostic Christianity, which is an older, more Pagan interpretation of the religion. This...

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Capital Punishment: A Good Idea in Theory, but not in Practice

Like many controversial issues, capital punishment is very polarizing. People on one end of the spectrum are completely supportive of it, and their opponents wholeheartedly reject it. Both sides have many good points. Some people are such reprehensible excuses for human beings that they deserve to die, yet it is still valid to say that no one is righteous...

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This is a Test Post

This is a test post. Don’t read...

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Do Aliens Exist?

Some people think it’s impossible for aliens to exist, while others swear they have had personal encounters with them. As with nearly every subject, the most likely truth lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. There’s no way to know for sure whether intelligent lifeforms exist somewhere else in the universe. Therefore, the idea of aliens at...

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Take This Pill

Prescription drugs are an issue that is both phenomenally complex, and extremely polarizing. Most people seem to be either completely supportive of them, or they view them as marketed poisons. As with almost every highly publicized subject in our world, people tend to oversimplify facts to support their extreme positions. The truth probably lies somewhere in...

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