Reason, by Isaac Asimov: Reason Can Cause us to be Ruled by Robots

The short story by Isaac Asimov called Reason is fascinating and exciting. It takes place in the robot universe, which, as readers of Asimov will know, has some aspects that intersect with the Foundation universe. Foundation is another series by Asimov, which is at least equally fascinating. I actually enjoy it more than the robot series because it seems more...

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Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes: A Review

Written in the 1600s, Leviathan is a seminal work on political philosophy. Hobbes makes a lot of eloquent, yet simple and interesting arguments, to the point where I almost agree with even his points that I think are bad. Hobbes basically believed that countries should be run by monarchs who have the ultimate authority, for reasons to do with Plato’s concepts...

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