Who is the Iceman?

Human beings can climb Mount Everest, run a marathon in -20 degrees Celsius, run a marathon in a desert with no water, (all in done in shorts) hang off a ledge with one finger for 25 seconds, stay in a tank full of ice for over an hour, and swim for 50 meters (164 feet) under solid ice, finding the hole to get out in spite of frozen retinas. These sound like...

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Slaying Dragons

The road less traveled is not easy  to traverse. When inspirational speakers talk about following our dreams, they often suggest that since they became successful, anyone can. These people aren’t delusional, but maybe a lot of them have forgotten how difficult is was for them to get where they are. One thing that not many successful people stress is how...

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Enter “The Zone”

What is flow? It’s that mindset we get into when we’re so absorbed in what we’re doing that our surroundings vanish. We’re so focused on the task at hand that we stop questioning ourselves, stop thinking about mistakes we’ve made in the past, and trials and tribulations we have to face in the near future. We become fully absorbed...

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Take the Limitless Pill

Human potential is nearly limitless. Look at Steven Hawking. He got A.L.S., but that didn’t stop him from continuing to be one of the most groundbreaking scientists of all time, making Earth-shattering discoveries about black holes and quantum gravity. Think about the numerous rappers who pulled themselves out of abject poverty, such as Jay-Z, and 50...

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