Flaws in my Thinking

I’m all about uncertainty, and equally considering diverse viewpoints. This is almost always a good practice in my opinion, because everyone has cognitive blind spots that come from their biases. I think that everyone makes good and bad points, whether they’re respected and open-minded geniuses and intellectuals, or angry crackpots who seem to have no idea what...

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Don’t Praise Seneca’s God of Reason

Seneca was a seminal thinker in Stoicism, which, like many types of philosophy, is more complex than most people expect. Contrary to popular misconception, Stoicism does not revolve around basically being an emotionless husk of a human being. Stoics are not generally indifferent to every good or bad thing that happens. According to some of the founding...

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Neo and Agent Smith Have the Same Purpose in The Matrix Trilogy

The Matrix is one of the most heavily referenced science fiction movies in popular culture, because it’s an awesome movie, with profound philosophical implications. Personally, the more I watch it, the more I notice deeper layers of meaning in the story. There are a lot of Youtube channels dedicated to overanalyzing the philosophy in films, like The Film...

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What if Reality is Impossible to Figure Out?

A few years ago, if I understand it correctly, a theoretical physicist named James Gates discovered self-correcting computer code in the equations of string theory. I have not even close to enough knowledge of physics to know the meaning of this, and the full implications. But it seems to be the case that when formulating equations in string theory to be able...

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Can “Evil” Alliances be Good for the World?

I know almost nothing about the details of foreign policy, but I think it’s very interesting that yesterday, there was news of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin negotiating a ceasefire in Syria. That could just be political posturing, and the harsh critics of Trump could still be right about their doomsday scenarios of Trump. However, I’ve thought and said since...

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How to Have a Reasonable Discussion

“Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.” This quote from Albert Einstein sums up the way anyone should view a discussion if we want to do our best to understand contrary opinions without accepting fallacies or unintentionally offending people. It is important to be open minded about new ideas and willing to change our views if...

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