Be Pragmatic, But Not Too Much

If anyone wants to support me on Patreon, here’s the link:     I’m a huge fan of pragmatism. It’s one of my few fundamental values. I think that people make a lot of mistakes by proposing naive solutions to problems based on emotional desires. They often sound good, and it would be amazing if justice could...

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Radical Feminists Think the Same Way as Misogynists

Extremism in any form seems to be attached to the same thinking patterns. People most opposed to each other often have more similarities than differences. This sounds ridiculous because fundamentalists on opposite sides of issues spew hate in opposite directions. People who hate Donald Trump rarely hate Bernie Sanders. Those who despise religion rarely feel the...

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When neo-Nazis Win

I watched a documentary about the Oklahoma City bombing the other day that was fascinating. I didn’t really know/remember much about the catastrophe because I was a about 6 years old when it happened, and I never did much research. What small amount of information I have now emphasizes two crucial lessons from the crimes of Timothy Mcveigh, who killed so...

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Should Governments Always be Democracies?

Many people have the idea that democracy is the best form of government, because it is the only one that works. This is probably a byproduct of the fact that people in the western world all live in democracies, as far as I know. Things are going pretty well for the most part, even now, when, at least according to the media, there is a significant amount of...

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Socialists Think the Same Way as Libertarians

People on the polar opposite ends of the spectrum on virtually any issue display the same flawed thinking. This is one of the major reasons for why any political ideology has merit, but also leads to nonsensical conclusions. Absolutely no one has the correct opinion on politics, but there are beliefs that both socialists and libertarians have with which I...

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