How did H. I. V. Originate?

    H. I. V. is a contentious issue for a variety of reasons. I’m not an epidemiologist or a historian, but it seems like there are many more S. T. D.s or S. T. I.s today than there were for most of human history. This is probably due to disease mutation. However, maybe there were always a lot, and most people just used to die from them without...

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Intuition Can Save Your Life

    I think that rationality is important. However, I recently learned about the significance of emotion and intuition, and that they are almost inexorably linked with rationality. On their Mixed Mental Arts podcast, Bryan Callen and Hunter Maats helped me understand this by discussing research by scientists like Jonathan Haidt and David Sloan Wilson....

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A. I. Ideologies: Salvation or Doom?

  There’s a lot of commotion about artificial intelligence lately. Many movies, T. V. shows, books, and podcasts have explored the subject, from both a fiction and non-fiction perspective. Some people downplay A. I. However, a few fascinations that extreme proponents of it appear to share are its sheer power, and the profound effects it will have on...

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Did Human Ancestors Originate in Europe Over 7 Million Years Ago?

Until recently, the earliest known human ancestors were believed to have originated in Africa 7 million years ago. But a few months ago, paleoanthropologists found fossils in Europe that were even older. Paleoanthropologists work on putting together the puzzle pieces of human development, and they discovered 7 200 000 year old fossils in Greece and Bulgaria....

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Are Fat and Fasting Good For You?

I heard about a new way of eating a few years ago called the Ketogenic diet. There are many variations, like the Modified Atkins diet. But the main component of any ketogenic diet is eating a lot of fat. This probably sounds like terrible advice to most people, but the knee-jerk reaction is based on oversimplifications about nutrition. These were perpetuated...

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Is Language Genetic?

A lot of smart people claim that language is genetic. Noam Chomsky, the linguist and political activist, famously theorized that humans have an innate, evolved grammar structure. A “language gene” was discovered in 2001 called FOXP2, and apparently, since then, others associated with it have been identified. But does this mean that language is...

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