The Octopus Might as Well be an Alien

Our oceans are full of bizarre, alien-like creatures. Some seem like they’re straight out of an H.P. Lovecraft story, and there are almost certainly countless entire species yet to be discovered. We actually know more about the moon than our ocean floors. That’s because, if I remember correctly, it is more difficult to penetrate water than air or solid ground...

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Is Religion an Evolutionary Adaptation?

There is a lot of debate about the utility of religion. In my opinion, the so-called new atheists make a convincing case for how it is phenomenally more bad than good. I am a huge fan of people like Christopher Hitchens making the argument that religion poisons everything, even though I don’t agree with him as much as I used to. There do seem to be positive...

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Were Advanced Societies Decimated by Asteroids 12 000 Years Ago?

There was a recent Joe Rogan podcast that was fascinating because the main guests were Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, and Michael Shermer. They got into a heated debate about whether advanced civilizations existed approximately 10 000-12 000 years ago, and if they did, how their populations were decimated. For those who don’t know, Joe Rogan is a stand-up...

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Do Video Games Make You Smarter, or Not?

There has been a lot of discussion and scientific research in recent years on the effects of video games on the human brain. Many people have released Ted Talks, published books, and been on podcasts in which they talk about this subject. I’m no expert on interpreting studies, and knowing who to believe, but it seems like scientists have discovered significant...

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Disinformation for Profit

Disinformation is a massive problem in our world. Fortunately, most people who believe it are a vocally aggressive minority, but there are still far too many members of these groups. As with virtually any issue, people form camps centered around immovable propositions, and demonize their opposition. This exacerbates problems, and the reasons behind some...

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Everything Came From Nothing

Everything came from nothing. It really did. That’s not just some emphatically superfluous statement, motivated by obtuse philosophical concerns and viewpoints. Before the universe began, nothing existed, but that all changed approximately 14 billion years ago. I am by no means a cosmologist, but I have read the book, A Universe From Nothing, by the brilliant...

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